Annual Report

ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2020:
TAKSHASILA PUBLIC SCHOOL envisions to make every child a winner. The School believes in discovering, revealing and strengthening the inner potential of every child.

With high expectation in Academics we started our academic year 2018-19 for classes I to X from 15th March 2018. The academic performance of our Class X students was proved again with 100% success in CBSE 2018-19. Among 136 students 28 scored 90 % and above, 123 students scored First class marks.

Takshasila is committed to develop and hone the literary skills of the students through various Activities. Apart from engaging in literary activities within the classroom, there are numerous activities Which students can engage in on NO BAGS DAY, which help them build self-confidence. Such activities have indeed raised the confidence and communication skills. Every third Saturday of the month is considered as NO BAGS DAY .

Here is a glimpse of our literary activities:

  • Read and recite storytelling
  • Elocution
  • Spell bee
  • Jam sessions
  • Extempore
  • Dramatics
  • Debates
  • BEST OUT OF WASTE: In an initiative to generate the habit of using old things to create beautiful crafts amongst children, a concept which has global significance, a ‘best out of waste competition’ is organized on “ NO BAGS DAY “. A learning experience for all, the competition promoted creativity and artistic excellence in our leaders of tomorrow. It also helped them to realize the importance of recycling and reusing waste material available to them.
  • DIYA MAKING COMPETITION: Diwali is a festival of lights and Diyas bring the life to the world. This Diya illuminates the world with its joy of brilliance and dazzles. It always makes the students to explore and encourage creativity in them by providing the best platform to showcase their craft skills. Students of Classes I to X actively participated in DIYA MAKING
  • RAKHI MAKING: Raksha Bandhan is a precious and pious occasion to celebrate the beauty of love between brother and sister.Students of classes III to VI actively participated in Rakhi making Activity .
  • ART / CRAFT:A Synaesthetic temperament is nurtured and showcased in the form of art and craft on the bulletin boards in every class, to hone individual and collective talent.
  • MUSIC/DANCE: The School provides a creative outlet to learn and unleash their talents in the field of music and dance. All the students are encouraged to participate actively in various programmes / events thereby contributing to creativity and imagination ; developing listening and social skills that will give them self-confidence and inculcate an aesthetic sensibility in them.

International Yoga Day: “Yoga is essential for inner and physical growth. It enhances the mental and physical well being.” In the School assembly students of classes VII ,VIII & IX have performed Surya Namaskara’s & Yougasnaa’s .

Investiture Ceremony: The investiture Ceremony of the TAKSHASILA for the academic year 2018-19 was celebrated Telugu & Hindi songs by VIII class students. Dance performed by VII class Students

CABINET SELECTION: Parliamentarian type of elections were conducted for electing the School cabinet by the students of classes VIII to X. Ballot boxes were arranged and are confidentiality maintained.

PICNICS AND EDUCATIONAL TOURS: We offer our students ample opportunities to learn skills like leadership, perseverance, survival kills,teamwork and responsibilities through picnics and tours. Class wise picnics are organized for classes Nursery to X and an educational tour for class IX and X students.

FESTIVALS: The school celebrates all the ‘National Festivals’ like Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayantiand other ‘Religious Festivals’ in the school assembly. This helps students understand the rituals of eachfestival and different customs and traditions. Teachers day and Children’s Day with great respect and devotion to the country and to the country men.

The inherent talent of the students is nurtured through a plethora of cultural activities in the School Assembly and on ‘No Bags Day’ (the third Saturday of every month). The Morning Assembly provides a channel to release information related to our school life such as etra-curricular activities or important announcements. The students read the news as the students should have the knowledge of world affairs, thought for the day, amazing fact and speeches related to moral values and topics of the society.

COMPETITIVE EXAMS: To enrich the competitive spirit and enable students face competitive exams in future, Takshasila encourages students to participate in various competitive exams and Olympiads conducted at State and National level. Here is a list of exams: NCA, NSO, IMO, UCO, NSTSE, NTSE, IGSC etc.

FIRST STEPS: Pre-Primary education is an important stage which lays foundation for lifelong learning and serves as the developmental stage for the ensuing formal education. At Takshasila, Pre-Primary teachers take up the roles of facilitation, motivator and supporter to help children learn and grow. In First Steps, the kids are groomed for academic excellence along with physical development and creativity

GRADUATION DAY: Graduation Day is celebrated on 2nd March 2019, welcoming the Chief Guest for lighting the lamp Ms Vasudha Ashok, addressed the gathering and highlighted the vision of the school and role of parents and teachers in pupils learning process.

The motive of celebrating Color Concept day for kindergarten is to create awareness in children on different colors. Through these activities children develop psychomotor and cognitive skills. The classrooms too were decorated with different colours to welcome our children. Our tiny tots looked beautiful with their colored attires.

Activity- Cooking Without Fire :
The students of Kindergarten participated in ‘Cooking without Fire. ‘ Activity organized in the school premises. The tiny tots prepared dishes like fruit salad. etc It was conducted with a view to create awareness about the nutritional value of food cooked without fire. .

WORKSHOPS (For Teachers / Students):Takshasila Public School organizes the in service training programmes for the teachers in order to enhance their skills and keep them abreast with the latest pedagogies.

Motivational workshops are also organized for the students of class IX and X on ‘Career Building’ and helping them understand how ‘effort’ can increase intelligence and to balance stress in difficult situations.

All good work / achievements of the school has been possible with the cooperation of our highly qualified and dedicated faculty.

If all events at TPS were to put in a nutshell, we encourage a child to observe, to explore, to experiment, to analyse, to confront problems and find solutions finally to develop the skills essential to face the future.