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Takshasila Public School envisions exceptional performance standards in the field of education, provides a perfect learning environment and an education model that is imperative in today’s globalized world.


We at Takshasila Public School are committed to the highest standards of academic excellence, dedicate ourselves to provide excellent facilities, congenial learning environment and harmonious blend of traditional education and technology integration necessary for our students to unlock their true potential, cultivate social responsibility, mutual respect and personal integrity. We groom students physically, emotionally and enrich the students with intellectual abilities, attitudes, creative thinking, problem solving abilities and aptitude for performing arts. We encourage students to become life-long learners by kindling their intellectual curiosity and a thirst for discovery and achievement.

Our Core Values

“Think Positive” is a self-empowering concept that allows the student to have a positive self-image and values himself/herself and life in all forms

“Be compassionate and do no harm” attempts to inculcate love, kindness and friendliness that are important to respond to intolerance and violence in society

“Discover inner peace” enables and individual to understand the self at a deeper level of consiousness. It also addresses a person’s spiritual needs

“Learning to live together” seeks to promote the qualities of sharing, cooperation, mutual help, building trust and teamwork. Working harmoniously in groups with others reduces competition and emphasizes the joy of working as a team.

“Respect human dignity” is based on the concepts of Human Rights and Justice. Its objective is to develop a consciousness that recognizes rights of others along with one’s own.

“Be your true self” builds behavioural skills such as time management, honesty and strength of character that are essential for resolving conflicts and for effective social interaction.

“Developing critical thinking” involves the ability to think with logic and reason. It also includes decision-making and is an important component of democratic institutions.

“Resolve conflict non-violently” is a basic component of Value Education. It emcompasses skills necessary for conflict resolution, active listening, mediation, creative solution and alternative solution seeking.

“Build peace” in the community provides an opportunity for young learners to be exposed to social realities and to understand people’s problems as well as their own responsibilities and duties.

“Caring for the planet” is a global educational need for children and adults alike. The health of the planet has a direct and immediate influence on the destiny of humankind.